love isn't something we feel, it's something we do

even divided
our connection
was multiplied
by love
infinite (i believed)
in value

when you sighed
my chest heaved
when you slept
i was riveted
by waking dreams

you, dear one,
are closer to me
than my skin

i feel your silence
echoing in the hollow
chamber where my heart
used to live

i know your heartache
and losses, the ones
past and future and
when you cry
my throat tightens
and i shed your
restrained tears

you, confused one,
are closer to me
than my skin

i know the things
you think you lost
and threw away
and the dreams
you think will never
reach fruition

when you ache
silently yet deeply
my being quivers
and i close my eyes
breathing unspoken love
to your soul

love isn't something
that we feel
it's something
that we do

you, hurt one,
are closer to me
than my own skin

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sLimn thickums said...

u are my brain